Mainstream Watchdog Mission Statement

The mainstream media is busy broadcasting lies, half-truth’s, and Fake News. It’s their effort to undermine America and change our country forever.

These biased media companies need lots of money to push their agenda. It’s expensive to run a TV station or publish a newspaper, and to fund their propaganda they need to sell advertising space. With no ad revenue, they go out of business.

“Yeah I know, but what can I do?”

We can’t call CNN or MSNBC and ask them to change their ways…but we can contact their advertisers and let them know we don’t approve of them advertising with these biased media groups, and we’ll make different purchasing choices.

Think about it… Why would we purchase from companies that advertise with these biased media groups? We’re handing them our hard-earned money, while we complain about their messaging.

“OK, here’s what you can do”

Remind advertisers that you have a choice, and you choose to purchase from companies not supporting the biased mainstream media.

Mainstream Watchdog is dedicated to providing contact information for companies we see advertising with the biased mainstream media. With that information we can deliver a simple message like this:

“If you continue to advertise on (whatever the network is) I will purchase from your competitor that isn’t. “

So please support this effort by taking time to send an email, leave voicemail, or send a postcard. We’ve made it easy too…just click on a post, fill in the form and click send! If we don’t do this, nobody else will and the evil mainstream media will go on un-checked.

Let’s divert some of our hard-earned dollars to companies more friendly to freedom loving Americans.

Thanks for doing your part.